​Our mandate is to mentor and enlighten women to become true worshippers of God. Additionally, advocating against social injustices and oppression of women, children, senior citizens and anyone vulnerable and at a disadvantage—at home and abroad.
We consider our influence as women of God a virtue and honor. We inspire daughters of Christ to become women of prayer, praise, passion, purpose and power. We believe that every human being has purpose and is valuable to society.

We encourage women of all ages to seek their purpose in life; to excel spiritually, academically, economically, psychologically, and socially. Every woman is urged to cultivate healthy relationships and develop their personal skills and talents, as they learn to serve and transform their families, communities and churches through Jesus Christ.

We endeavor for every woman to exercise her liberty in Jesus Christ by teaching the dynamics and essentials of effectual, fervent prayer. We instruct God’s women that the depths of their lives must be founded in prayer—which means living in His Presence.

We affirm we are called to represent Jesus Christ by reaching out to all mankind in word, deed and in the demonstration of His power. We commit ourselves to the commission of evangelism. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we accept our identity as witnesses of Jesus Christ in our immediate community, our state, our nation and around the world.

We humbly, fervently and boldly take our petitions to the Lord, and we expect  REVIVAL!

​“But we will give ourselves, continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”  ~Acts 6:4~​

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​Pamela Murdock

She received apostolic affirmation on
July 31, 2015 by
Apostle Abbycollins Lukeera of
Entebbe, Uganda.
She lives a dedicated life and has served the body of Christ for more than 35 years using all five-fold gifts, worship leader, leadership/discipleship training, & administrator. She's a loving mother and grandmother. She proudly upholds the prophesy of the Lord that she would have many children--she has many spiritual sons and daughters from many nations.​

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